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Mature women looking for arse sex

Welcome to Over Sixty Anal Lovers

60 plus ready for analAs most of you know we started off with the site Saucy over Sixty Dating before releasing this anal dating service. The aim of the site was to help people around the age of sixty to have more sex.  The site was started in 2006, over the years the site has grown and grown.

This is great because it give people more selection, however it is a bit of a hindrance because there is now such a selection,n it is hard to know who to choose. Because of this we decided to let people whittle down their erotic profiles to the ones that matched them better.

Anal Dating

At the beginning we allowed people to search for erotic personals that lived close by, their age and their appearance. These days you can make your search far more specific, from people favourite positions to their deepest sexual fantasies. You can really refine your search down to a select few who match you perfectly. This also gave us an insight into what our members where searching for.  After a few months we realised that hundreds of men were looking for women to have anal sex with. Soon we thought, why not just create a site for men looking to have anal sex with a woman over 60. This is how the site idea came about.

Obsessed with arse sex

If you are one of these men who are just completely obsessed with anal and love the idea of doing it with a saucy older woman, then this is the place to be. We have hundreds of anal loving grannies signing up each week looking for a partner who can please them via their back passage.

Anal sex is one of the biggest sexual fantasies in the UK.  You are not alone in your fantasy of anal pleasures. On top of this, older women are the best in the business when it comes to sex. Putting these two things together really does give you a winning formula.

Tight arse hole

over sixty analOne reservation that men might have about shagging a gilf is that they will have a really loose vagina. Well this really isn’t the case, but if you are looking for a really tight hole to shag then this might be the best option for you.

Here are some of the best practices when it comes to fucking a granny up the bum.

  1. Keep it clean. Unless you are into hard sports there is a high chance that you want a nice clean hole. Make sure that her arse is completely clean before hand. If you are also into being rimmed , make sure that you cleaned down their too. Generally, people like that area to be very clean. Think of it this way, if they don’t like the smell, you probably won’t be seeing them again after that, so make sure you wash thoroughly.
  2. Stretch out the arse before. Sometimes anal can be quite painful, the best thing to do is to take it slow and stretch out the arse hole before hand with a butt plug. You can begin to do this in the days running up to the sexual date. This will really make the whole process a lot easier.
  3. Lube up. Remember that this area is not very well lubricated; make sure you use A LOT of lube so your dick slips in and out nicely.
  4. If the process is getting painful then slowdown or stop. You don’t want to put your mature woman off anal all together so take it slow and make sure she is enjoying it.

Most of all have fun! Why not sign up today and have ago of anal sex over sixty!